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SASCO America Inc offers a reliable transportation link from the United States to Russia. With 70 years of experience in the Russian Far East trade our principals have a clear and well founded understanding of the trade and the requirements of exporters and importers.

The fleet of Sakhalin Shipping Company is proudly flying the Russian flag and all vessels are manned by Russian crews. We are proud to represent Sakhalin Shipping Company in North America and we hope that you will find our services of assistance to you when trading with Russia.



As from June 20, 2013 Sakhalin Shipping Company has been providing vessels for delivery of supplies and support for offshore drilling platforms as well as work team transportation to and from drilling platforms on agreed schedule. Only 2 vessels are working on this so far but we are planning to increase our fleet size to render a wider range of services and provide a better performance period.

On the positive result we are planning to continue rendering services for drilling platforms in 2014.


SASCO China Line announces the decrease of basic liner tariff at USD 50/TEU for all shipments from Ningbo and Shanghai terminals, destined to the terminal of Vostochny port. The following new rates will take effect starting from V-1325N m/v “CORSAR” (ETD Ningbo/Shanghai – 06th/07th of July, 2013).



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Russian rating agencies RAEX (Expert RA) confirmed the rating of the company “Sakhalin Shipping Company” at A and changed the sublevel

Moscow, March 4, 2016

The rating agency RAEX (Expert RA) confirmed the credit rating (long-term credit) of “Sakhalin Shipping Company” at A “high level of creditworthiness” sublevel increased from third to second. By rating a stable outlook maintained.

The company “Sakhalin Shipping Company” provides maritime transportation of goods and passengers by request of cargo owners and forwarding companies.

“The company plans to acquire in 2016, two additional vessels that will allow it to increase the operational and financial performance. The broad investment program, along with the reduction of the debt burden (the ratio of debt to earnings on 01.01.2016 for the period 30.09.2014-30.09.2015 amounted to 0.2) contributed to the increase in sub rating, “- notes the analyst of corporate ratings RAEX (Expert RA) Anna Kertanova .

As the positive factors are also marked moderately high levels of liquidity (cash ratio amounted to 0.10, urgent liquidity – 2.09, current ratio – 2.23 at 30.09.2015 based on the level of debt burden on 01.01.2016), moderately high levels profitability and efficiency (for the period 30.09.2014-30.09.2015 ROA = 3%, ROE = 7%) and the high volume of investments in fixed assets. There have also been highlighted in a highly diversified cost structure (the largest counterparty holds 12% in 2014), a moderately high level of diversification of revenue (the largest buyer takes 22% in 2014) and a moderately high level of capital adequacy ratio (0.43 at 30/09/2015). In addition, the ratings are supported by a high level of disclosure of financial and general information about the company, moderately high levels of business activity and broad geographical diversification (based on 2014 cabotage (RF) accounts for 60%, China – 31%, South Korea – 6%, USA – 2%, Japan – 0.5%). Analysts have also noted the high level of risk management, a high rate of asset growth (+ 19% over the period 30.09.2014-30.09.2015), a high level of diversification of receivables and a moderately high level of diversification in accounts payable.

Moderating influence on the rating had a lack of information about the final beneficiary companies, the low level of diversification of the business (82% of revenues on the basis of 2014 had on the activity of maritime transport) and low opportunities for access to additional sources of liquidity. were also highlighted the low level of diversification of the debt (on 01.01.2016 at the largest lender for 55% of loans), low levels of cash flow dynamics (cash flow from operating activities is negative at the end of 2012-2013., only on the positive results of 2014 -.. 56 million rubles) and moderately high currency risks (in the assets of the funds presented in the currency of 0.2% on 30/09/2015, income and expenses in foreign currency are balanced – 22% and 34% respectively in 2014). In addition, were marked by low market prospects of maritime transport in the Sakhalin region, the low quality of strategic planning in the company, the low share of accounts receivable in the structure of assets (including repayment of a significant portion of receivables in December 2015, the share of receivables in the asset structure and the proportion of short-term part in the structure of current assets to 20% and 43% respectively) and moderately high share of payables in liabilities (21% on 30.09.2015).

On 30.09.2015 the assets of JSC “Sakhalin Shipping Company” are at the level of 4 billion rubles, capital -. 1.7 billion rubles. At the end of 2014 the company’s revenue amounted to 4.2 billion rubles, net profit -. 172 million rubles..